A collection of branding work done for Future Proof, the annual Motion Design Conference at Ringling College.
Played at the beginning of each event to kick off the meetings. Sound design by SoundMural. 
Instagram Loops 
Animated loops created to announce the event speakers on social media. One was made for each speaker. 
Final Logo/lettermark ​​​​​​​ 
Logo Development
Speaker Posters
Created for each of the event speakers. Printed and displayed at Ringling College.
Posters designed by the wonderful Aaron Kite.
On-Site Poster
Printed and displayed at Ringling College to announce the conference.
Event Calendar 
Printed and passed out to Motion Designers at the Future Proof kick-off event. 
Designed by the incredible Dannie Wang.
Web Graphics
Email banner used during the duration of the conference to contact speakers.​​​​​​​
Website splash-pages for both mobile and desktop screens. 
Due to the website updating yearly, here is a screen recording of how the website functioned with this branding.​​​​​​​
Static speaker slates displayed while each speaker was presenting.
Passed out to Motion Designers at the Future Proof 2021 Kick-off event.
Shirt Making Process
We decided to screen print all of the shirts for the event. Each shirt size had two designs to choose from and every shirt included a print of the lettermark on one sleeve. 
Kick-Off Event 
Held the night before the conference began to pass out merch, event schedules, and showcase the opener animation by projecting it on the side of a building. 
Pitch Deck
The original deck used to pitch this design direction. 

Some More Jazz

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